Cannabis Store Window Coverings Pose Safety Threat to Staff and Patrons

4 April 2022
double dutch cannabis store front

The Double Dutch Cannabis store is bright and open because of large windows spanning across the entire store front, making the interior of the store visible for anyone passing by. Although this poses limitations to what can be displayed in the store, it provides a safer environment for staff and patrons. 

Calgary cannabis stores are calling for Health Canada to make amendments to rules in the Cannabis Act, specifically sections 29 and 30, which prohibits cannabis product or accessory from being displayed if it can be seen by a young person. Many dispensaries have adhered to regulations by covering all windows visible to the public. 

This however poses a safety threat to staff and patrons as it gives thieves the opportunity to rob stores of their cash and products while remaining unseen from the outside, even if there is high foot traffic outside of the store. Since the end of 2020, there has been a strong increase in violent robberies at cannabis retailers across Alberta. Calgary Police Services and store owners are working with Alberta Gaming Liquor and Cannabis to explore alternatives to window coverings. 

While removing window coverings may increase safety, cannabis stores still have strict restrictions on how they can market products in-store. By choosing to forgo window coverings, Double Dutch Cannabis has had limitations in what can be displayed in store and how it can be displayed. We have been able to remain compliant by using frosted coverings on display cases in a way which products cannot be seen from the outside but can be from the inside.

Double Dutch Cannabis believes that having an open and well-lit storefront allows staff to see who is coming into the store and surrounding businesses should be encouraged by the AGLC. The safety of our staff and patrons is our number one priority. Changes must be made to Health Canada guidelines and AGLC regulations to ensure that cannabis stores will not have to sacrifice safety.                    

Double Dutch Cannabis store interior with street view

Interior of Double Dutch Cannabis with street views

double dutch cannabis frosted cabinets and refrigerator

Interior of Double Dutch Cannabis with frosted cannabis accessory displays cases and infused drink refrigerator