History of Dutch Cannabis Coffeeshops
14 January 2022

Before cannabis became legal in Canada in 2018, one of the only places in the world where anyone of legal age could freely purchase and consume cannabis products was in the Netherlands. One of the main events of a trip to the Netherlands consists of visiting one of the many infamous coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam has a long history of cannabis culture. In the 1960’s, cannabis enthusiasts would meet in parks to smoke and purchase their supply. Law enforcement would frequently visit places where young people would gather to share a few laughs and a joint but the problem was not cannabis, it was hard drugs. Those caught with hard drugs would be penalized but those caught with only cannabis would be left alone.

Thus the first coffeeshop was born. “Mellow Yellow” founded in 1973 became a place where people could safely and comfortably consume cannabis. Although not entirely legal, law enforcement left coffeeshops alone as long as patrons did not cause any public nuisance and followed specific regulations.

Today locals and tourists can comfortably enjoy cannabis products and can trust that what they are using is safe and tested. The coffeeshops often employ people who are knowledgeable about products and can assist any level of cannabis user.

Double Dutch Cannabis is inspired by the coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Although we are not a public consumption site, our promise is to share our love for cannabis with the only way we know how, great products, education and hospitality. Our team members provide an inclusive environment for new and avid cannabis lovers. Our commitment is to foster a community that inspires others to share the love too.